Expat - be well & and work well in Denmark

Expats' integration in Danish Society and Organization

Work with the cultural and psychological factors that often appears when living and working as a expat in Denmark – whether you are here on your own or with your spouse and family.


Experiencing cultural diversity at work?

Being an expat matters. Cultural diversity can be a potential ground of development for a company – just as it can create tensions in working practices in terms of the cultural expectations, norms and values which accompany them. Get a better understanding of how to read and work with Danish cultural codes, the Danish organizational structures, procedures and balance of power.


Get specialized help to you and your company

Get a combination of individual sessions and meetings with you and your company as a way of clarifying and working with the cultural diversities in order to enhance the potential development diversity can bring and optimize your work efficiency.

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Having difficulties finding yourself?

When establishing yourself/ your family workwise and privately in Denmark it can be helpful to work with the general psychological factors and reactions that can be activated within yourself, between you as a couple or in the family. 


Being the accompanying, not working spouse of a working expat can often be frustrating after the first period of time, where everything is new and exciting.


You might have left a good work-position, and start doubting the value of you and your professional skills and is further away from your near and dear ones that you would normally consult.


It can be helpful to work with:

  • Individual and mutual expectations
  • The values of the cultural diversity and the challenges.
  • Your feeling of identity - workwise, culturally and personally
  • The establishment of network workwise and privately.
  • The challenge of feeling at home in many places - and nowhere at all. 

Get individual help

Find your individual focus and work with a specialized psychologist to improve your well-being.

Individual counseling/therapy

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Work with your integration in a group

You have the opportunity to work with other expats in a group. The group sessions will take place on 8 weekdays, where there will be a 1½ hour session every other week. The course of the group contains key-themes in relation to integration in the Danish organizations and society.

Group offer for Expats with 5 participants - in a course of 8 sessions

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