Supervision of staff groups

Enhance staff understanding and skills

 Understand and recognize the reactions related to the core task and become clearer about what "matters" as well as get the opportunity to develop new courses of action.


Achieve a more coherent staff group with a mutually understood framework and increase the quality of the core task solution.


The psychologist professional supervision is a method in which it is possible to stop and together reflect on the experiences, reactions and challenges that may arise in work-related contact with citizens, users, students and clients.


The learning goals of the staff are directly related to the core task; namely what one seeks to support or develop with the citizen. In the supervision, we can work individually or with all staff groups that have professional skills with people such as educators, social workers, support staff, teachers, doctors, nurses, psychologists and other health professionals.

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Get supervision with a learning process over time.

Get individual consultations in especially difficult cases.

Supervision and consultation can be combined with one or more courses.


Price for supervision depends on group size

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