Develop your potential as a leader

Become stronger as a leader

Develop leadership skills with focus on potentials on the personal, relational and organisational level based on the leader's specific development possibilities.

On an individual level

Achieve increased self-awareness and development of personal skills in a professional role.

As a team

Be strengthened in your leadership role in relation to the staff and management team. Understand the dynamics of the groups and find your ways to act and relate to the team.

On an organizational level

Understand the dynamics of the organization and be strengthened in your relationship with senior management, in relation to mutual expectations, responsibilities and powers. Become better at manifesting you and your visions upwards in the company.

Improve your potential to:

  • Develop skills to co-operate
  • Handle difficult situations/conflicts
  • Assert yourself as a leader and strengthen your impact
  • Handle the difficult task of letting somebody go
  • Deal with your own as well as other's aggressions
  • Manage stress and prioritize tasks
  • Find your way in case of restructuring or redeployment
  • Make bigger decisions (job/career change etc.)

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