Strands Psykologpraksis - for private and business

Get specialised therapy that works

Tidy up the things in your life that drain your energy - experience newfound happiness and motivation. Rediscover joy in your everyday life and in your relationships with others.

See: Therapy   Individual therapy   Couples therapy

Achieve success as a leader and ensure that your employees are satisfied

Become the kind of leader you want to be - assert yourself and optimise your staff and company.

See:  Exceutive development   Employee satisfaction   Courses

Improve with supervision

Get the best out of your staff and have an easier time cooperating.

Achieve your goals as a psychologist, on the way to authorization and specialisation.

See: Supervision of staff groups  For psychologists in continuing education

Be well - and work well in Denmark

Work with the cultural and psychological factors that often appears when living and working as a foreigner in Denmark – whether you are here on your own or with your spouse and family.

See: Expat

Strands Psykologpraksis have an agreement with health insurance "danmark". You can check if you can get your expenses covered by a health insurance through work or private accident insurance.

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